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Imagine this, it’s late at night and you have locked yourself out of your vehicle in an unknown location in inclement weather condition. Could anything be worse or scarier than this? Statistics show that this thing happens quite commonly to people everywhere. What is the solution then?
Devon CT Locksmith Store offers automotive locksmiths service in Devon. We put an end to all the vehicle related woes with our 24-hour professional services. Offering 24 hour locksmith solutions, we are the first to heed your call whatever your location or the car lock trouble. Our mobile vehicles are fully equipped with tools that help us to resolve the issues immediately. Car lockout is a common problem, but so are new key requirements and ignition malfunctions. We also offer broken key extraction services without damaging the concerned part. Irrespective of the make, model, or the vehicle, manufacturing year, our services will fit the specific requirements.

Take a look at what we offer:

Instant responses every time

Call our services and our help desk will answer it immediately. Being a mobile locksmith our fleet of vehicles is always ready for deployment. We will be with you within 15 -20 minutes of call placement. This makes us one of the most reliable service providers for Devon, CT area. Are you looking for locksmith near you to deal with your car troubles? Do not worry because we are there to help. Depend upon us for transponder car keys replacement, high-security laser car keys, repair of ignition keys and more.

Car key replacement, rekeying solutions

Anyone that has done it before knows very well how expensive, complex and time-consuming replacing the keys of your car could be. You have to contact the manufacturers or sellers applying for the replacement. Not only, will it take some time before the product finally reaches you, it will be quite expensive. We have a better and easy solution for you! Being your nearest and affordable locksmith in Devon we offer much cheaper replacements that work and look like the original.

Mobile vehicles contain everything that our experts need to create high security keys, replace the key fob, replicate keys, and cut the laser keys. All our services are quite efficient and precise.

Ignition key services

Any problems related to the ignition key will stop your vehicle from starting. This means you would be stranded wherever you might be. To get you out of such situations with dexterity and fast, we offer a host of solutions that relate to the ignition of the car. This includes,

  • Replacement of the ignition key
  • Extraction of broken ignition key
  • Repair of the ignition
  • Ignition switch replacement

Get your vehicle started to be on your way as quickly as possible with our mobile locksmith service coming to your aid. Our experts are capable of replacing the ignition cylinders, fix broken switches of ignition, and replicate the original on-site.

Car, trunk lock solutions

We are your 24-7 locksmith serving Devon. We offer high-quality trunk unlock solutions to our clients. Jammed or broken locks will prevent it from opening smoothly. Sometimes, people accidentally misplace the related keys. This signifies delays and missed appointments. Being auto specialists, our expert team uses high-tech tools picking the lock and rekeying the trunk in a jiffy.

Our Services

Here is again a quick glimpse of what your car locksmith could do for you:

  • Development of spare keyDevon CT Locksmith Store, Devon, CT 203-544-2192
  • Advanced locks for safety
  • High-security keys, key cutting
  • Ignition key repair and cutting
  • Trunk key repair, replacement and cutting
  • Lockout assistance
  • Lock repair, installation
  • Transponder key programming

For these and all other locking issues with your car, contact Devon CT Locksmith Store today!



Devon CT Locksmith Store, Devon, CT 203-544-2192