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Ramp up the security of your home today if you find any hint of the locks being compromised! Threat perceptions are limitless as anybody can lay their hands on the genuine keys and get the duplicate ones made from a third party vendor. After that, entering into the premises becomes too easy for the intruders. To prevent such an occurrence, avail our rekey services that are not only cost-effective, but would also improve the level of protection inside the premises.

Specialists working with Devon CT Locksmith Store have been providing rekey service, since ages in the area and have set up their own qualitative benchmarks. We are also proficient in creating smart keys and can also unlock the lock without removing or replacing completely. Budget-conscious clients avail our service and have been able to secure their premises with our solutions.

Rekey Vs. Lock Change/Replacement:

Devon CT Locksmith Store Devon, CT 203-544-2192It is not difficult to see whether rekey or replacements are effective. The former uses the same set of locks to prevent unauthorized entry into the premises and is thus a far better option for the customers without deep pockets. There are many more benefits of rekeying and some of them are as follows:

  • Enhancing the security of your house
  • No major expenditure
  • People need not buy new locking systems
  • Fraction of the cost is required to rekey the existing security system
  • Acts as deterrent to people who hold on to keys to the locks

When to choose replacement over rekeying?

Replacement is only viable when the locks have gone for a toss. If the internal structure is completely damaged, bid adieu to the existing lock and say hello to a new one.

Sometimes cylinders and the latches of the locks work in tandem however they are not aligned. Such cases can be easily handled by the professional locksmiths like us. Devon CT Locksmith Store performs rekey service as soon as possible and transforms the locks into more capable security systems of tomorrow.

Only hire professionals:

We have entire army of professionals working on our team to provide the best of services. Call us and we will examine the locks to know how their configuration could be changed. Our experts perform simple and complex steps to modify the present functionality of the existing locks. Thereafter, new keys are designed based on the mechanism of the security devices. Thus, our rekey solutions are the cheapest way to ramp up the security of the home.

So, secure your assets today by calling us on 203-544-2192 today.